MESSAGEfrom Dr. Bharat Dangar

Achievements of the Past & Dreams for Glorious Future – Vadodara 360°


My Dear fellow citizens of Vadodara,


Today, the 22nd May 2016, marks the second anniversary of my two years as Chief Minister of our beloved Vadodara. On this day, I shall, with deep humility, allow myself a minute to pause and gaze back…

For the last two years and for many before that, I have felt it is my bond with the people and flavours of Vadodara that motivates me every morning. I believe in the power of a team dreaming and working together. When I took over the legacy from our Hon. Shri Narendrabhai Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister, it was with a strong resolve to take Vadodara on its continued march. My own journey from native Kharod village to the hallowed Swarnim Sankul has taught me many things and allowed me to interact with and observe people closely. I do believe in Vadodara Unlimited- this is the soul of our state; whether it is Nature’s bounty or our swaying harvest, our industries flourishing or our people smiling with healthy glows, Vadodara’s 360º voyage is soon being fulfilled in every angle and direction. As a poet would say, ‘Many roads have been travelled, destinations reached, and many more pathways to discover,’ which means that much has been achieved, but there is a lot to complete. Yes, there are challenges which we shall overcome, new arenas of development that we shall achieve, but every destination is a milestone that will take us far.


I feel greatly strengthened with the success stories happening everywhere; when a divyang woman can now earn well thanks to a Vadodara Government scheme, or when a talented sportsman is able to continue his career because of a Government Scholarship, I feel a surge of pride. When a young man goes abroad on a financial assistance or when a new mother is well taken care of, I quietly appreciate the powerful impact that all this makes. There is both happiness and gratification that the initiatives of the Government are bearing fruit. All the hard work and innovation that goes into developing and implementing these schemes is witnessing results and positive accounts of beneficiaries. Men, women, children, the needy, the deserving, talented, and the deprived, are all becoming more enabled because of the large reach of these schemes. A new awakening, a new dawn of determined effort is sweeping the state, riding on the enthusiasm of a State Government working in total unison.


This united effort will bring overall solutions to the Vadodara 360 deg. Mission. It is our commitment to the people of Vadodara that we shall strive towards every single aspect of their wellbeing. From beautiful streets that embrace all, to the reassuring splash of water in a field, from women participating in every sphere to the buoyant youth as the future, we shall together build a mindset of doing it, reaching there. To fulfil the aspirations of 6.5 crore people is a daunting task, and we are all going about this with sensitivity and strength of purpose that becomes stronger with every passing day. Of course, with the spirit of teamwork, much can be done. I want to tell the people of my state that the highway beckons us and we can go the full circle- all we have to do is sustain the momentum and take the right path.


Dr. Bharat Dangar