About Him

A visionary with great ideas and an innovative approach, an able administrator who believes in attaining results, an iconic leader for the party as a City President - BJP. In other words, here is a leader who has the ability to make democracy, deliver!

Born on 18th September, 1979 at a small town in Saurashtra district of Gujarat, Dangar grew up in a culture that instilled in him the values of generosity, benevolence and social service. -a person and an institution today is born in a family having traditional oriented structure having firm foundation of value system of co-extensive living nurtured since era in India. Shri.Bharat Dangar was born 18-09- 1979 as the elder son of Shri.Dhirubhai Dangar and Smt. Shantuben Dangar couple. He had his primary education from Saurashtra district.

For him politics was never confined to gaining power. He always looked at it asan instrument for bringing about all round development of the people. He believes that "Seva and Vikas", (service and development) lead the way for better public service, which in turn expands and strengthens the base of the party, at the grass root level.

Understanding of the needs of the masses, has helped him to bring effective changes that have benefitted the common man. In political as well as the social spheres Shri.Bharat Dangar, has always adopted an all encompassing approach. He has always been the focus of his development agenda.

Initial Lessons

Shri.Bharat Dangar, learned his initial lessons in nationalism and patriotism at a very young age. He entered the political arena as a student activist. The Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) and took active part in university elections. He became the Secretary, ABVP, Baroda. Under his stewardship ABVP won the elections for all positions in the MS University. Vadodara.


Endowed with excellent organizational capability and a rich insight into human psychology, he was elected as the student leader Akhil BhartiyaVidhyarthiParishad (All India Students' Council) and played a prominent role in various socio - political movements in Gujarat.

confronted with many odds and obstacles, but hetransformed challenges into opportunities by sheer strength of character and courage. Particularly when he joined college and university for higher education, his path was beset with hard struggle and painful toil. But in the battle of life he has been always a fighter, a true soldier. Having put his step forward he never looked back. He refused to drop out or be defeated. It was this commitment which enabled him to complete his post graduation in political science. He started with the RashtriyaSwayamsevakSangh (RSS). a socio - cultural organization with a focus on social and cultural development of India and imbibed the spirit of selflessness, social responsibility, dedication and nationalism.

Shri.Bharat Dangar is a great dreamer, who has the remarkable ability to transform his dreams into reality. His supreme dream is the regeneration and transformation of Vadoadara, and eventually his motherland emerging as a developed and powerful nation. His dream for Vadoadara encompasses an extensive range one that vitally fosters agricultural research protection of the environment, infrastructure as the lifeline of industry and global investments. In short, the emergence of a new and happy society celebrating the endless festival of life!

Shri.Bharat Dangar has a reputation for being a hard taskmaster and strict disciplinarian but at the same time he is an embodiment of strength an compassion.

Here is a man who has great faith in education as a means of integral human development and progress to take society far beyond the encircling darkness, gloom and poverty. He emphases the spread of education especially that of girls which has so far been largely neglected

Dangar's love for education is revealed in his respect for teachers and in KanyaKelavani Yojana, ABVP an initiative which is very close to his heart, ushering in an era of enlightenment and empowerment right at the grass root level. Where else will you find a chief minister campingin remote villages in the heat and dirt to encourage parents to campingin remote villages in the heat and dirt to encourage parents to educate their daughters? right at the grass root level. Where else will you find a chief minister camping in remote villages in the heat and dirt to encourage parents to educate their daughters?

With a profound interest in technology and science, Dangar's has sculpted vadodara into an e - governed state and has fostered several innovative applications of technology.

Dangar's, a big believer in people, has sinfully led the strong team of Vadodara into new realms of a proactive work culture through a continuous learning initiative called KarmayogiMahaAbhiyan

Thus, the first few milestones of the life of Dangar's marked various values, such as, compassion , care, commitment and above all following and respecting the conscience in every moment and every respect.